About me

My name is Attila Tamás Baka. I'm a PHP developer based in Szeged, Hungary. I have 10 years of commercial experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.

I started working with PHP back in 2003 when I wanted to create a martial arts portal. My hobby became my profession, and my CMS created from scratch powers over 100 active web pages today.

Currently I'm working at Evista Ltd., where I'm building webpages using Wordpress and doing sitebuilds for web applications. I'm also responsible for the local network and servers as the right hand of our system administrator, and communicate with clients daily.

In my free time I'm polishing some pet projets like my CMS or coaching in my MMA club. I also very much enjoy reading or playing computer games.

This blog is mainly to store and share information that was useful to me and was either hard to dig up or just might be needed regularly. Also, as you can presume from the title, I love cats, so a few photos might appear of Midnight and Glove, my miniature beasts.

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