Monday, October 7, 2013

Promising Wordpress Plugins

I found a few articles about WP plugins. There are a few that caught my attention and though I don't really need them right now, it seems prudent to make a list of them for future refernce.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
This plugin allows you to edit text widgets in TinyMCE

Simple Image Sizes
This plugin enbles you to define custom image sizes and also helps regenerating the thumbnails for them.

Admin Bar Queries
Want to know how many mysql query does Wordpress make and how much time it takes to generate the page?

Email Obfuscate Shortcode
This plugin hides emails from spam robots with some javascript.

WP Minify
This plugin combines and minifies css and js.

This plugin replaces the older/newer posts links with a numbered pagination.

GD Star Rating
Complex rating plugin with a myriad of options.

Syntax Highlighter Evolved
This blog could surely use this ;-)

Shortcodes Ultimate
This plugin promises a ton of shortcodes and useful features. I'm sure to try it in my next project.


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