Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wordpress plugins, round 2

This plugin makes embedding swf files easy. Just don't forget to set the window mode to opaque on the settings page. You can insert swf files with the [swf][/swf] shortcode or the wp_swfobject_echo() php function.

Wysija Newsletters
This is a relatively easy to use newsletter and autoresponder plugin. The sent emails can't be themed excessively, but it does it's job pretty well. I used CF7 for the signup with a custom function adding the new user and signing it up on mailerlite too triggered in the theme'a functions.php.

This plugins makes your website multilingual. It is pretty easy to use and I used it many times.

Riva Slider Pro / Easing Slider Pro
Riva Slider Pro is a commercial plugin I used in many projects. I don't really like it, but didn't have time to find anything better. It is a pain in the ass to style it and it is not enough just to save the css file, you also have to update the slider in wp admin. What's even more irritating is that upon site deployment, the slider has to be rebuilt.
The latest version is renamed Easing Slider Pro, It is waaaaaay better than the previous version. Adding and editing sliders is more intuitive and logical.