Sunday, September 15, 2013

Touch typing - status update

It's time to practice typing and english anyway, so here is a status update about my typing studies.

Things are going alright... According to the programs I can type at almost 40 wpm, but only random english words without punctuation. In the real world I'm way slower than with the find and peck method. I need a lot of practice and I need to force myself to use what I learned ALWAYS.

Now that I used the typing softwares for a while, here is what I think about them:

+ Good choice to start with
+ Very thorough
+ Uses my local keyboard layout (hungarian)
- Boring
- The lessons are way too long and repetitive

Type Fu
+ Looks extemely nice
+ Easy to use and configure
+ Very good for practicing speed
- Doesn't use my layout

TypingWeb Typing Tutor
+ Best all-around solution
+ Achievements for motivation
+ Very good courses
+ The lessons are broken up into short texts
+ Records progression
- Doesn't use my layout