Friday, September 6, 2013

Sublime Text 3 (beta)

After my previous post about Sublime Text 2, I found a video tutorial series about it and it completely blew my mind. It seems I did in fact found a superior editor which will boost my productivity after the transitioning period. Up to now my favorite was Kate, as it was the first editor I ever used and did everything I wanted the way I wanted it.

As I'm often working on files on distant servers, the ability to browse folders and files in a sidebar is essential to me. The editors I tried all paled compared to the ease of use and stability of Kate (except for the KDE 4.0 times).

Everything changed after watching the tutplus video series about Sublime Text 2. I highly recommend watching it here:

I installed ST (Sublime Text) 3beta and started watching/experimenting...

It turns out that I can add remote folders to the sidebar and if I'm not trying to add the whole web server (as I did), it works pretty well. But to my surprise this is not the main site to open files anymore. ST has a Goto Anything feature that uses fuzzy search to find files in the whole project. It is enough to only type parts of the path or filename I'm searching for and I immediately get a result list. The same thing works with symbols.

There are many more things I didn't even know I was missing until now like multiple cursors, column selection, find in all files and Emmet (formerly Zen Coding).

So, now I'm trying and failing and succeeding with Sublime Text...