Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Google Chrome Extension: Read Later Bookmarks

Update: Not using services like this as it is much easier to drag links to the bookmark toolbar and Google Chrome syncs it to my other devices anyway...

I often come across interesting articles that I have no time to read at that moment. As I do not work at home, I needed a solution that allows me to quickly bookmark a page and have access to it at home too.

I found an extension that allows me to do just that, as clicking on it's icon puts the link in a bookmark folder called "Read Later Bookmarks" (do not rename!) which is syncronized by chrome to my home browser along with the extension.

It is also very nice, that the extension's icon changes it's color to blue if you have articles waiting and it also provides the number of those articles.

You can download the "Read Later Bookmarks" from here:

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