Friday, September 20, 2013

Papercuts: Setting a sensible filename for screenshots in Shutter

Papercuts are tiny and trivial issues that have a quick fix somewhere... Just a few minutes will prevent future annoyances.

Todays papercut is the filename of saved files in Shutter, my favorite screenshot making program in Ubuntu. My problem is that the filenames begin with the description of the screenshot with the default setting, and this makes the screenshot folder a mess when I'm trying to find the latest file.

The solution is to set the filename format to something similar:

%Y-%m-%d %T ($name) $wx$h

This resuls something like this:

001 - 2013-09-20 10:27:58 (Selection) 392x468.png


%Y = year
%m = month
%d = day
%T = time (hh:mm)
$name = description
$w = width
$h = height

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