Thursday, September 26, 2013

Papercuts: A better Skype chat client

I have a huge problem with the linux client of Skype. I hate that in the chat window my contacts are not sorted alphabetically. I always have to search for the next person I want to IM either there, or in Skype's main window. From what I've seen from the Windows client, it is also plaged by advertisements.

I didn't find too many usable alternatives yet, but maybe you too should give a try. It connects to several protocols with skype among them, and while it does only work as a page in the browser, this is no problem at all because:

  • You can pin it's tab, and notifications are still visible
  • You can turn on audible notifications
  • You can authorize it to use desktop notifications (at least in ubuntu + chrome)
  • On it's page your contacts are in alphabetic order
  • You can set it to open converstions seperately (like post-its)
  • You can send and recieve files

  • It probably has no history (maybe when registered)
  • You need to register to remember your settings
  • No voice call or video... actually I'm not using that often

1 comment:

  1. Well, today I gave up and went back to the official client. I was a good run, but this morning was plaged by connectivity problems.

    I'll keep the account live for I might need later...