Monday, September 30, 2013

Extremely useful Sublime Text features

I tried quite a few other text editors and there are a lot of extremely useful features that make Sublime Text my number one choice nowadays.

Just a few to spark your interest:

  • It is blazing fast. Nothing can beat it ever :-)
  • Multiple selections: Higlight some text and press ctrl + d. This will find the next occurence of that text and suddenly you'll have two cursors to edit them both at the same time. Pressing ctrl + d again and again will enable you to rewrite all occurences of a variable name for example.
  • Column selection: Holding down shift and the right mouse button will allow you to select columns of texts.
  • Join lines quickly by oressing ctrl + j anywhere in a line.
  • Reindent whole blocks your code by selecting it and choosing Edit > line > Reindent from the menu. (I set this to F10)
  • You can activate a command palette with all available commands by pressing ctrl + shift + p. Just type in a few characters form what you want to do and fuzzy search will find it instantly.
  • Goto Anything is similar to the command palette. Press ctrl + p to quickly open any file in your project. Fuzzy search allows you to type only parts of the path and filename. You can also find your function declarations this way.
  • It has amazing plugins like Goto-css-declaration which allows you to instantly find your css id or class in the css files clicking right in a html or php file.
  • Pressing ctrl + shift + f will open a search window that will search in all files of the project. Even through sftp. (You can greatly speed this up if you set the project to hide uploaded files and other directories that need not be searched and shown in the sidebar.)
  • Extremely customizable by editing json files. It's easier than it sounds.

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