Friday, August 16, 2013

Amazon customer service

Last year in december I've been gifted a Kindle 4. It is a really remarkable piece of hardware, especially because it can sync with the Android Kindle software. No matter which device I use, I always open my current book with the currently read page.

Unfortunately two months ago something went wrong and the dreaded "lines on screen" problem manifested itself. I took the device back to the shop where it was bought and they sent it to service.

After more than 30 days I got an email in which the service refused to do anything about my problem as "it is clearly due to external physical damage". As the device was always in a hardened leather protective case - and beacause one night it worked, the next morning it didn't - I thought otherwise.

After a quick google search where I found the "lines on screen problem" description, I immediately contacted Amazon support via chat on their website. Five minutes later a replacement device was on it's way, which I got less than two days later - free of charge. I just have to send them back the broken device (also free of charge).

Happy end, isn't it?

Well, that's the difference between world class customer service and the usual situation in Hungary...

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